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  • UV BLOCK & OPEN VIEW - used as side RV awning, blocks about 86% of UV to protect our skin and eyes, but meanwhile offers a wide view.
  • LOWER TEMPERATURE - provides you a roomy and cozy shade place. Enjoy your time comfortably even in crazy hot days.
  • REDUCE WIND EFFICIENTLY - breaks especially the force of cross-wind. You get a cozier field when using with our front shade.
  • EASY INSTALL & DISMOUNT - light weight and comfortable hand feeling. 2 plastic stakes, 1-3'' and 3-13'' bungees, 2 pieces of zinc alloy hooks and 4 stainless steel drilling screws. Storage bag included.
  • SHADE SIZE: Actual Measurement of 7 FOOT extension and fits most of awning brands such as Dometic, Carefree, Lippert, Fiamma, Solera, etc.

Tentproinc RV Awning Sun Shade Screen is made by premium high-density UV-resistant, Flame Resistant mesh fabric. Produced in factory of Tentproinc.

Tentproinc specialized in producing RV shade for many years and making more and more RV owners enjoy their Rving and satisfaction!

※ YOU NEED RV AWNING SIDE SHADE - Designed for blocking sun light from side direction of your RV patio to protect your skin and kids' eyes, provide more shade area when morning or afternoon sunshine; while provide you open view experience but still giving privacy! 

 CHOOSE TENTPROINC - It's the quality and smart shade for RV owner to make you comfortable experience!

※ EASY INSTALLATION - bungee balls fastest fix compare to normal rope tie down.

 ALWAYS PREMIUM MATERIALS - 3 YEARS LASTING! High density twisted vinyl coated mesh screen fabric sewn with double stitch for stronger strength; black finished double thick brass grommets for life using, no crack by strong pulling, no rust in any weather.

5 colors in stock for choosing, Black, Beige, Gift Blue, Brown, Navy Blue. Offer customized shade, check with us to make a shade for your RV.

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    How To Order

    How to Choose Your Perfect Fitted Size:


    Method A: All RV awnings with the standard measurement of CENTER of ARM to CENTER of ARM, please measure your existing awning from center of arm to center of arm. E.G. you measured your awning as 16 FT, please choose our 15 FT 3 INCH length shade. SHADE LENGTH NEED SHORTER THAN AWNING LENGTH.

    Method B: Measure your awing fabric length and choose same length of our RV shade. E.G. you measured your awning fabric as 18'3'', please simply choose 18’3’’ shade. 


    AND, we have shade drop ( from awning track to ground)  of 6 FT, 7FT, 8FT, 9FT, you can choose your most favorite drop.


    Note: all our sizes are actual finished fabric measurement.


    Below is the detail of sizes guide:

    RV Awning Length
    RV awning fabric length
    Choose Fitted Awning shade length
    Order fitted shade
    From Arm center to Arm center
    Awning Fabric Measurement
    8 FT 7 FT 3 INCH 7 FT 3 INCH 6'X7'3'', 7'X7'3'', 8'X7'3'', 9'X7'3''
    9 FT 8 FT 3 INCH 8 FT 3 INCH 6'X8'3'', 7'X8'3'', 8'X8'3'', 9'X8'3''
    10 FT 9 FT 3 INCH 9 FT 3 INCH

    6'X9'3'',  7'X9'3'', 8'X9'3'', 9'X9'3''

    11 FT 10 FT 3 INCH 10 FT 3 INCH 6'X10'3'', 7'X10'3'', 8'X10'3'', 9'X10'3''
    12 FT 11 FT 3 INCH 11 FT 3 INCH 6'X11'3'', 7'X11'3'', 8'X11'3'', 9'X11'3''
    13 FT 12 FT 3 INCH 12 FT 3 INCH 6'X12'3'', 7'X12'3'', 8'X12'3'', 9'X13'3''
    14 FT 13 FT 3 INCH 13 FT 3 INCH 6'X13'3'', 7'X13'3'', 8'X13'3'', 9'X13'3''
    15 FT 14 FT 3 INCH 14 FT 3 INCH 6'X14'3'', 7'X14'3'', 8'X14'3'', 9'X14'3''
    16 FT 15 FT 3 INCH 15 FT 3 INCH 6'X15'3'', 7'X15'3'', 8'X15'3'', 9'X15'3''
    17 FT 16 FT 3 INCH 16 FT 3 INCH 6'X16'3'', 7'X16'3'', 8'X16'3'', 9'X16'3''
    18 FT 17 FT 3 INCH 17 FT 3 INCH 6'X17'3'', 7'X17'3'', 8'X17'3'', 9'X17'3''
    19 FT 18 FT 3 INCH 18 FT 3 INCH 6'X18'3'', 7'X18'3'', 8'X18'3'', 9'X18'3''
    20 FT 19 FT 3 INCH 19 FT 3 INCH 6'X19'3'', 7'X19'3'', 8'X19'3'', 9'X19'3''
    21 FT 20 FT 3 INCH 20 FT 3 INCH 6'X20'3'', 7'X20'3'', 8'X20'3'', 9'X20'3''
    22 FT 21 FT 3 INCH 21 FT 3 INCH 6'X21'3'', 7'X21'3'', 8'X21'3'', 9'X21'3''
    23FT 22 FT 3 INCH 22 FT 3 INCH 6'X22'3'', 7'X22'3'', 8'X22'3'', 9'X22'3''